Creative Arts

As we live out our Christian lives, those around us are watching. They may see a difference and they may ask a question or two, but do they know what you believe? Have you shared the reason that you have peace with God and assurance of His love? What if there were a way to break through the small talk to the important matters?

Please join us and bring others along to the Wolfe Performance Hall on Monday May 27th at 7pm for "The Quest". This event is specifically created so that you can bring others for an entertaining evening in which the Good News  of salvation through Jesus Christ will be presented. Youth from three local Churches (Compass Community Church/ Southdale Bible Chapel/ Summerside Community Church) will present the truth of Christianity in a logical, engaging and creative way using dialogue, dance, black light and other drama mediums . The setting will provide theatre sound and lighting that will bring a professional flavour to the message of the presentation. You may view some of the previous performances that we have done at the YFC building as well as another church building below.

It is our hope that this production will give glory to God, open doors to discussion and lead all who see it to an appreciation of our Saviour and His amazing grace. Please support us by marking it on your calendar and then by coming, by bringing someone with you and by praying. Thank you.   

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